I can offer packages based on the following cameras, sound, lighting and grip. All equipment is listed on a standing carnet for international assignments.
If your production requires a different camera or extra equipment, I can arrange it or work with your existing kit.

Sony FX9 - full-frame camera for outstanding image quality at 4K and HD. Supplied with a range of Sony FE G-Master and Zeiss lenses, as well as a pair of Fujinon MK 18-55mm and 50-135mm t2.9 lenses.
Sony FX6 - full-frame little brother of the FX9. They match perfectly together, and the FX6 has additional slow motion/high frame rate capabilities.
Sony A7S iii - DSLR with excellent video and low-light capabilities
DJI Mavic 2 Pro - Drone capable of 10 bit 422 4k video
DJI Mini 2 - Drone capable of 4k video. Weighing less that 250g, this drone is exempt from many of the regulations governing drone operations
Insta 360 OneX - 360 video camera which can be used to make VR experiences

Lectrosonics 2 channel radio mic system with 2 personal mics and 1 hand mic 
Rode Wireless Go 2 system 

2 x Litepanel Astra bicolour fixtures with soft boxes
1x Aputure LS300Dii with large light dome soft box
2x Falconeyes RX 18TD flex fixtures with soft-boxes, grids and lanterns
1x Aladdin M70 bicolour flex fixture with softbox, grid and lantern
2 head Dedolite LED kit with gobo projector
Litepanels Brick bicolour fixture
Matthews Scrim Jim 4x4 diffusion/bounce frame
2 x Manfrotto lighting booms

Grip and other kit
Rhino Evo Pro slider with Arc 2 motion control
Rig Wheels Passport Dolly system with 6ft track
Ronin S handheld gimbal
Zhiyun Crane 3S Pro gimbal
Wiral Lite cable cam system
2x GoPro kit with wide selection of accessories
TV Logic field monitors
Atomos 7" and 5" monitor recorders
Hollyland Cosmo 600 wireless video link
TLS Raven matte box with Panavision filters
Greenscreen and white infinity backdrops
VoxBox Pro MKii "down the lens" interview kit
Ipad teleprompter kit

Field editing/ live kit with Macbook Pro running Adobe Premiere CC
Blackmagic SDI Recording deck
Coles mic and Sound Devices mixer
Blackmagic Ultra Studio for SDI in/out
Prospect IFB kit for lives

Crew Car
VW Passat Estate

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